This Web Blog is dedicated to garb any phrase form the pan Arabic Television of Aljazeera Against the Kurish Minority of Iraq.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yet Another time Aljazeera openly attacks Kurds

The English site of Al-jazeera has attacked the kurds once again,
This time Halabja, the city which was bombarded in 1988, becomes the attacking purpose. It claims in an article put on the homepage of the English-site that the city was bombarded because of links between Kurds and Israelis. This article can be accesed at the article " What happened in Kurdish Halabja? "

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dear Every One

Due to the lack of time, I apologize for not posting enough.

If you have any piece of material that you think is from aljazeera against kurds, please send it to me.

I will publish it as soon as I confirm its legitimacy.

Let's all make a loud sound that could be heard in every capital of the world and stop anti-kurdism.

Thanks for participation...

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Aljazeera Generates Hatred Against Kurds

It is obvious to everyone that the Arabic Television Channel "Al-jazeera" is the most famous arabic news channel at all. It has a vast majority of audiences inside the Arab World and monitered carefully by most of the international news agencies.

This wide popularity of Al-jazeera has made this channel to be available to most of the houses all around the arab world. That is, most of the arab population listen to the news of Al-jazeera. So this popularity of the channel has made it very effective on the minds and the hearts of most of its audiences. While this channel is covering the news as its audiences would like to hear it, the channel has become a source of information for the audiences to justify their opinions.

And Actually in many cases many of its audiences are observed to say whatever the channel says about a particular case, while the audiences don't look for the credibility of the channel at all. So it has become a "mind controller" of the audiences.

While some audiences of audiences like myself look for the credibilty of the news, majority of the people don't. This has lead to a very critical situation. This channel can create hatred or love towards any body it wants. That is, it can make its audiences love "Mahmood Abbas", it can also make them hate "USA".

I have reseved all this weblog for one purpose only. The purpose is to publish whatever aljazeera says directly or indirectly against the Kurds of Northen Iraq, or the Kurds as general.